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SYMPOSIUM 8: Bringing the Sleep Laboratory to a Patient's Home

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SYMPOSIUM 8: Bringing the Sleep Laboratory to a Patient's Home


PRESENTERS: Brian Murray1; Cathy Goldstein2; Houman Khosravani3; Mark Boulos3

AFFILIATIONS: 1 Division of Neurology at the University of Toronto; 2 University of Michigan; 3 University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

DESCRIPTION: Sleep disorders are common in the general population, however, despite effective management strategies, they remain under-diagnosed and under-treated. A technologist-monitored, overnight sleep study in a sleep laboratory (polysomnography) is the gold standard for diagnosing sleep disorders, but high costs, lengthy wait times and patient inconvenience frequently prohibit assessments. Significant technical advances have enabled ambulatory sleep devices to serve as potentially cost-effective and more accessible alternatives to full in-laboratory polysomnography for the detection of sleep disorders. The purpose of our symposium is to examine advances in technologies used for the ambulatory detection of sleep disorders, as well as discuss technical limitations, legal and privacy issues associated with their use.


  1. Describe advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning that can facilitate detection of sleep disorders.
  2. Be aware of the value and limitations of readily available consumer sleep monitoring devices.
  3. Describe privacy and legal concerns associated with the use of ambulatory sleep devices.